Code of Ethical Business Conduct

The following statement forms part of the Quadrant Recruitment’s Code of Ethical Business Conduct.

To comply with all applicable laws and regulations. When the application of a law is uncertain, the guidance and advice of the Board of Directors should be sought.

To maintain contacts with Government officials, Government Bodies and Government Personnel, whether direct or indirect, as proper business relationships. Such contacts must never suggest undue influence upon such persons or cast doubt on the company’s integrity.

To be independent; Quadrant Recruitment does not support or take positions as to political parties or candidates at any level of Government.

To maintain accurate and reliable corporate records which disclose all disbursements and other transactions to which Quadrant Recruitment is a party.

To require undivided commitment of its employees in the exercise of their company responsibilities. Personal investments or activities that create a conflict of interest are prohibited and circumstance which give appearance of conflict of interest are to be avoided.

Employees should immediately report any suspected illegal or unethical conduct connected with the business of the Company to their manager. It is further the policy of Quadrant Recruitment to keep confidential the source of such reports and the employee’s efforts to bring a possible problem to the attention of the appropriate person.

Quadrant Recruitment’s Board of Directors has adopted the foregoing Code of Ethical Business Conduct to apply to all Quadrant Recruitment. All employees are expected to adhere to its terms: however, the Chief Executive Officer of Quadrant Recruitment, for good cause shown, may grant exceptions where circumstances warrant.

An employee who violates the Code of Ethical Business Conduct will be subject to sanctions including, but not limited to; warning, private reprimand, written reprimand, probation, suspension, demotion, or discharge. In appropriate cases, sanctions may include referral for criminal prosecution or civil action.